Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Well, come back (or Welcome Back)

...after all, its your own blog, your puching doll. So I'm back at doing what I am best known to..on this blog, that is. WHINING!

There are different kinds of pressures but I would like to demarcate them into two broadly. One is when you dont have the stuff and are expected to deliver/succeed nonetheless.

The second is when you are provided with the stuff, and you TAKE on pressure yourself so that it doesnt come to you later. Does this make sense at all? I think it does...

I have been plagued with pressures throughout my life, yes sir, I'm a regular pressure cooker. So what if it doesnt show; I'm adept at masking. Presently I'm stuck with the 2nd kind of pressure which has a judicious mix of the 1st one but mostly its pressure nonetheless. Needless to say I hate it. Just for update sake, I've been bumped off to a suburban branch from the Central office where I started working here. Good, bad I don't know. But it sure sucks. Its like joining a new company altogether. Completely new people, hostility, suspicion gets the better of you soon. It has, actually. That is why I feel so "at ease" when Im here in the Central office. As if I'm home. You remember the rut I used to write about? Its the same here. Thats how my career seems to be moving as well(not moving as in moving forward). My first job was at CP, 2nd at Noida, 3rd again at CP and in the middle of this one I have been bumped off again to Noida!!!

Some positives though, my wife's started working again; she had quit when I quit ICICI in June 2006 and has been selective in accepting offers subsequently. But I guess frustration got the better of her and she landed up doing a 10 to 7 in Gurgaon!!! Yippeeee we are DINKS now.

You know what, I don't feel like blogging now, will be back later.