Friday, November 26, 2004

Reliance / Re Alliance

No smoke without fire they say. Dunno whats gonna happen. All I know is that the scrip looks very attractive at these levels and maybe buying this now and holding it for 6 months shall reap rich dividends.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


India - The land of festivals...and holidays Diwali, Dhanteras, Vishwakarma Day, Bhai Dooj, Childrens' Day, Eid. Good fun lazing around.

Diwali was ok, but the real diwali is just round the corner. Pardon the pun, but the sensex seems set to go the 6.5 K mark in the next 2 months, what with oil now under $47/barel. Even the Indian Petroleum ministry has reduced petrol prices by more than Re 1!!! The Sensex has touched the magical 6K mark twice in the last 5 days and barring some sell-offs ( triggers set by many at upwards of 6K mark). we should see the 6.5 K levels within the next 2 months.

Talking about the Report card, well, I myself am amazed at the results. Here are the results(From 30th October2004 to 16th November2004 - around a fortnight):
Name___________Price 16th Nov______Price 30th October
1. Goldstone Tech___________ 24.60_____________ 25.75

2. Hind Oil Exploration____ 91.80_____________ 93

3. Aventis________________ 1125.00_____________ 956
(went upto 1151)
4. Radico__________________ 216.30_____________ 209
(went upto 228)
5. Vijay Solvex____________ 17.40_____________

6. Vijay Textiles__________ 184.00_____________ 150.60
(went upto 192)
7. Modern Steel____________ 72.30_____________ 58.40

8. Fairyland Am____________ 76.40_____________ 65.35

9. Videocon Leasing________ 180.90_____________ 145.75

10. Bilcare________________ 392.60_____________ 389.90
(went upto 414)
11.Swan Mills______________ 478.10_____________ 451.15
(went upto 518)
12. INTERLNK FIN___________ 118.50_____________ 111.50
(went upto 131.25)
13.Nile Ltd________________ 89.55_____________ 66.65
(went upto 101.75)

Some new tips later in the evening...

Saturday, October 30, 2004


With Diwali just round the corner I am in no mood for anything at all. Days are getting shorter here and winter seems to be setting in. I dont know what I'm gonna do for the long diwali weekend, but i guess all I'll do will be sleep.

On the markets front, they appear range bound with an upward bias till diwali. I hope Oil prices come down to $40-45 levels soon else the markets'll crash.
Lets have some report card analysis of what I sugegsted in the last post:
Name Price on 21st Oct Today's price
Sarla Polyester 43.25 went upto 50, closed at 42.40
Steel Strip Wheel 100.40 closed at 128
National Mineral 529 went upto 576, closed at 532
Valecha Engg 113 went upto 121, closed at 111.20
Seagul Leaf - loss of Rs 3
Not bad, eh?

Now, for some new scrips to follow:

1. Goldstone Tech
2. Hind Oil Exploration
3. Aventis
4. Radico
5. Vijay Solvex
5. Vijay Textiles
6. Modern Steel
7. Fairyland Am
8. Videocon Leasing
9. Bilcare
10.Swan Mills
12.Nile Ltd

Till then, Book profits...

On the sports front, it has been a catostrophy for Indian Cricket. The Final Frontier has been left to tatters by the Australians giving Indians their first series defeat in over three decades. Shame on them...

Thursday, October 21, 2004

New picks

Hi all. its been a very busy fortnight, a result of which couldnt post here. Now that I am relatively free, here are a few more fresh tips:

sarla polyester (is up 9.95% today itself)
valecha engg. (way to go...)
STEEL STRIP WHEEL ( will go north from here)
SEAGULL LEAF ( good returns at low prices)

The rest is usual... Delhi weather is now experiencing some nip in the evenings, and work is fine.

I think the authorities are trying to bluff us into the Veerappan Killing, i still feel he's alive.

On the dismal cricket scene, I fail to find a reason why parthiv and yuvraj are persevered with. no doubt, we'll lose the series 3-0.

And yes, I dont know who is this Deshpande dude?? and I have no idea who has been replying with my name. Kunal Deshpande??!!?!?

Friday, October 08, 2004

Shanti Gears & Walecha Engg

Check these out. small caps suddenly seem the flavour of the month!!!!

Sarla Polyester - Up , up and away...

Look at this scrip!!!! how it goes... From Rs 16 in July to Rs 40 in September!!!! Gosh, how I wish could travel back in time...

India All out for 246 thanks to patel and pathan who saved the ignonimous threat of the follow on. I hope this atleast goes on for a draw. Australia 1 down immediately, pathan strikes a lethal; blow in only his 4th delivery. Langer gone for a duck.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Australia CEMENTS the first test (Pun intended)

Ultra Tech Cemco... underperformer in the cements sector is supposedly doing well now. check this scrip...

India with another humiliating performance is 6 down for 150. Australia seems set to whitewash this final frontier.

All in all, a plain day at work. got to rush off with work tomorrow. A hectic day beckons.
Sathavahana Ispat Ltd : This is the buzz right now. The sensex up 58 point at 5772!!!!

I hope TVS Motors report come clean...

Australia 474 All out, and India???? 1 down in the first over itself... Final frontier!!! huh.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sensex down 45 points. To sell or not to sell, that is the question... Thats that for now...

Australia 300 odd on Day one of the first test.
Finally some gibberish as I promised. Received an email from a complete stranger (read: spam). funny one at that. Heres what the sender had to say:

"building sad ask stand eat catch later along, cause led embarrass brightthoughts humorous brilliant truth health" thoughts deal she ways. littleoccasion table example repetition trouble?carriage stranger safe secretary glad tuesday. let take certain hopes near.attention entered stone ashamed nature? why fire degree afterwards, far godeducation ache nay meant"pleased otherwise similar delicious dining exaggerate conscious grabbed many,length thousand best second mischievous feeling stayed.dropped discussion only arctic followed cry seize describe" hearing took lonelyidea blood pride arctic eat marriage low" wish servant presently save girl soon heaven leave sudden"

laugh your heads out...
Won the match and even participated in it. 1 wicket in 2 overs, a catch at Point and a not so pretty batting display, but all's well if it ends winning!!!

Hearing a lot about ONGC, Aravind Mills and ICICI Bank.

Virgos, they say, have very good analytical skills. so , Im trying my hand at analysing the quantitative impact of what all we've been doing at work the last 2 months. I guess this should throw up some unbelievable numbers...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Last post before heading home. day well spent. kinda enjoying the plethora of things to do on the job. makes me feel busy, and thats good. but there is nothing to look forward to coming back home. unlike the times in bombay. MBA sure was fun...
If you look down from one of the high rises in Conn Place, you will see a lot of trees... makes sense in a concrete jungle like this one. rows of greenery interspersed with concrete blocks, thats what it looks like. I hope its stays the way it is.

Sesa finaly closed at just under 740!!!! The sensex down 7 points. Happy diwali in the making... :)

Got to finish Da Vinci Code tonight. cant put it down. Saw a copy of "1984" at a friend's house yest. Have got to read that one as well... remember Aravind telling me its a fine piece. Saala, he must be enjoying the stiff upper lip in London right now (no puns intended).

Have a cricket match to play tomorrow. contrary to what most people like about this sport, I prefer fielding to batting or bowling. gives me a sense of accomplishment. and soiled pants. must make runs this time, must...
Sesa Goa is at 52 week high!!!! CLSA says it should go even higher!!! I guess booking profits now should be the sane option.

Have been reading "The Da Vinci Code". Man!!!! what mystery... gripping.

Am in the process of buying my own PC here in Delhi. life is so boring without connectivity. Bombay used to be so much fun... surfing the web way past midnight gives you such a thrill. still, making ends meet is a problem right now. I mean how can i get a Pentium IV for sub 15K??

Monday, October 04, 2004

So, the sensex ended up around 90 points to close at a 5 month high. what do we make out of it??? I dont know. I have stopped predicting. cant seem to know where it is headed.

Monday blues have finally struck. last 2 days being off, just lazed at home. have to get some work done this week, the sensex aint gonna help much I guess (there I go again, predicting the vagaries of the sensex).

some tips :

TVS Motors
E Merck
NTPC to open 25-30% higher.

Lets see where this takes us.
This time the posting is gonna be furious. Have just re-invented myself to blog. from now on this blog will be a treat for financial information hunters as well as my punching doll.