Monday, July 31, 2006

Pretty good...

Thats what, right? Considering the fact that the first tip from this hallowed blog in over a year has turned out super duper hit.

KRBL has just hit its second target of 108. Its trading at 108.15 on BSE at 12:20 p.m. I say, it should hit another upper circuit at least tomorrow.

Now isnt that good?

Tell you what wasn't good, was (still is) my health. Yep, the good ol virus hit me hard last wednesday forcing me to stay home this whole week. Too bad, I tell you, the weekend plan was all out for a toss, am still feeling weak, and as always, dont feel like working.

That was the reason I didnt blog all this while, and now that Im back to work (yes, I had to.. sob sob), I'm back to blogging as well.

So, I say no more T spiritual world, no more Opal industries, only good, clean, profit making tips from now on. Wotsay?

On this happy note, I leave you with a delivery call :
INOX Leisure (CMP 116)

Target 1 ( 1Year - 3 Year range) : 257.00/
Target 2 ( 5 year): 425.00/

Do tell me 5 years from now when this stock hits the 4 figures. I say the 5 year target may well be hit in 2 years.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

To insure promptness

The fact that the mission statement of this blog states giving free stock tips is one of the important constituents, means that there have to be some.

So here is the latest tip.

Buy KRBL (CMP 87)
Target 1: 94
Target 2: 108

Estimated Profit for Target 1: 8% (Rs.700/- per 100 shares)
Estimated Profit for Target 2: 24% (Rs.2100/- per 100 shares)

We'll have the reportcard soon.


Yes it rained today. Lots. But when you've not had your B&H for 3 long hours, how does it matter if you get wet trying to trudge your way through the barrage to the panwala to get your fix. Thats what I did, and boy was I drenched!

Anyway, its stopped now and has left behind the residual clamminess in the air. Me happily parked on my seat under the cool airconditioned environs of this office!

Had a blast last night. We celebrated Venky's birthday at ZEN in CP after being booed away from Russian Cultural centre where our jack just didnt work; after waiting for 45 minutes at United Coffee House (which was jampacked on a monday night!!! monday night, my god. Why dont ppl just cook n eat @ home). Finally landed at ZEN at 2200 and had our fix of chilled Sand Pipers, Mongolian chicken n the starch and all livened up by Bobby, the buffoon!!!

Almond Fudge Feast at India gate at 0030 and we were done! Btw, if you havent checked out the whacky vids at youtube, you better start now. Dont forget to see "If you come today" by Dr. Rajkumar - damn funny eeenglish song from the 70s south indian movie - Operation Diamond Racket and the "Punjabi Terminator". Cool stuff.

Monday, July 24, 2006

9 months

Its been more than 9 months since I last blogged here. But then, thats what 99% of blogs are!! That also probably means that if you actually don't know me, this blog has failed to apprise you of what happened in these preceding 9 months. Not that its a great story n all, just that these 9 months were spent in ICICI Bank, my second job after Reliance MF. Come to think of, it really was just a passing phase, with no real fire happening in my life. Wait... what did I just say? No fire? OMFG!!! Fire was there, yes sir, plenty of it. How? Well, sample this: while filling an online form, at the marital status drop down box, I now choose M instead of S or U. Got that? Yes, this happened in February of 2006. That, my friends, is fire for you. Right up ma behind!!!

Well, one must be wondering how and/or why the bloody hell did he start blogging again now? Thats probably beacause I have too much spare time at work these days. You see, I am in the gestation period of working in a new job. Yes, the third job in my illustrious career spanning exactly 2 long years(that was not a typo, it is 2, not 12, not 20, thats 2). And boy, am I proud! Kunal is the one who has stolen the march in this department, but by the looks of it, I guess with another 2-3 years I may just beat him. Not that I am doing this for fun or just for the bloody heck of it(am I using bloody too often?). Its just the circumstances, you see. I love that word, you can attribute each and every thing to this word and it will absorb it. Good boy, circumstances.

Yeah, so here I am at ABN Amro, staring into the concrete jungle of Connaught Place through the windows and listening to the occasional fax tone, the phone lines, the tapping of my keyboard(oops, its a keypad now, yep, a brand new lenovo thinkpad's) and others' keypads around me and I am glad I am away from the pandemonium of Ibank in Noida's electricity starved sector-18 market.

Back to Barakhamba Road, back to shankar market's rajma chawal. anand's biryani, wenger's shami kebabs n all. Its going good till now, after all, Ive been working just 2 weeks now. And yes, I did take a one month sabbatical after quitting ICICI Bank(Did you raise an eyebrow after reading quitting? A long story, maybe in another post). Bit of a double edged sword if you ask me. Although its a great relief n all, but when there is no cheque at the end of the month which you've got so bloody(there it comes again!) used to it, and the expenses dont know you've taken a break, you better start balancing your balances. Which was tough.

Anyway, I guess this has turned out to be one helluva longish, boring post (more to follow btw), I'll call it quits now.

Benson & Hedges Lights beckons me now. Ciao!