Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Yes it rained today. Lots. But when you've not had your B&H for 3 long hours, how does it matter if you get wet trying to trudge your way through the barrage to the panwala to get your fix. Thats what I did, and boy was I drenched!

Anyway, its stopped now and has left behind the residual clamminess in the air. Me happily parked on my seat under the cool airconditioned environs of this office!

Had a blast last night. We celebrated Venky's birthday at ZEN in CP after being booed away from Russian Cultural centre where our jack just didnt work; after waiting for 45 minutes at United Coffee House (which was jampacked on a monday night!!! monday night, my god. Why dont ppl just cook n eat @ home). Finally landed at ZEN at 2200 and had our fix of chilled Sand Pipers, Mongolian chicken n the starch and all livened up by Bobby, the buffoon!!!

Almond Fudge Feast at India gate at 0030 and we were done! Btw, if you havent checked out the whacky vids at youtube, you better start now. Dont forget to see "If you come today" by Dr. Rajkumar - damn funny eeenglish song from the 70s south indian movie - Operation Diamond Racket and the "Punjabi Terminator". Cool stuff.

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