Monday, July 24, 2006

9 months

Its been more than 9 months since I last blogged here. But then, thats what 99% of blogs are!! That also probably means that if you actually don't know me, this blog has failed to apprise you of what happened in these preceding 9 months. Not that its a great story n all, just that these 9 months were spent in ICICI Bank, my second job after Reliance MF. Come to think of, it really was just a passing phase, with no real fire happening in my life. Wait... what did I just say? No fire? OMFG!!! Fire was there, yes sir, plenty of it. How? Well, sample this: while filling an online form, at the marital status drop down box, I now choose M instead of S or U. Got that? Yes, this happened in February of 2006. That, my friends, is fire for you. Right up ma behind!!!

Well, one must be wondering how and/or why the bloody hell did he start blogging again now? Thats probably beacause I have too much spare time at work these days. You see, I am in the gestation period of working in a new job. Yes, the third job in my illustrious career spanning exactly 2 long years(that was not a typo, it is 2, not 12, not 20, thats 2). And boy, am I proud! Kunal is the one who has stolen the march in this department, but by the looks of it, I guess with another 2-3 years I may just beat him. Not that I am doing this for fun or just for the bloody heck of it(am I using bloody too often?). Its just the circumstances, you see. I love that word, you can attribute each and every thing to this word and it will absorb it. Good boy, circumstances.

Yeah, so here I am at ABN Amro, staring into the concrete jungle of Connaught Place through the windows and listening to the occasional fax tone, the phone lines, the tapping of my keyboard(oops, its a keypad now, yep, a brand new lenovo thinkpad's) and others' keypads around me and I am glad I am away from the pandemonium of Ibank in Noida's electricity starved sector-18 market.

Back to Barakhamba Road, back to shankar market's rajma chawal. anand's biryani, wenger's shami kebabs n all. Its going good till now, after all, Ive been working just 2 weeks now. And yes, I did take a one month sabbatical after quitting ICICI Bank(Did you raise an eyebrow after reading quitting? A long story, maybe in another post). Bit of a double edged sword if you ask me. Although its a great relief n all, but when there is no cheque at the end of the month which you've got so bloody(there it comes again!) used to it, and the expenses dont know you've taken a break, you better start balancing your balances. Which was tough.

Anyway, I guess this has turned out to be one helluva longish, boring post (more to follow btw), I'll call it quits now.

Benson & Hedges Lights beckons me now. Ciao!

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