Monday, July 31, 2006

Pretty good...

Thats what, right? Considering the fact that the first tip from this hallowed blog in over a year has turned out super duper hit.

KRBL has just hit its second target of 108. Its trading at 108.15 on BSE at 12:20 p.m. I say, it should hit another upper circuit at least tomorrow.

Now isnt that good?

Tell you what wasn't good, was (still is) my health. Yep, the good ol virus hit me hard last wednesday forcing me to stay home this whole week. Too bad, I tell you, the weekend plan was all out for a toss, am still feeling weak, and as always, dont feel like working.

That was the reason I didnt blog all this while, and now that Im back to work (yes, I had to.. sob sob), I'm back to blogging as well.

So, I say no more T spiritual world, no more Opal industries, only good, clean, profit making tips from now on. Wotsay?

On this happy note, I leave you with a delivery call :
INOX Leisure (CMP 116)

Target 1 ( 1Year - 3 Year range) : 257.00/
Target 2 ( 5 year): 425.00/

Do tell me 5 years from now when this stock hits the 4 figures. I say the 5 year target may well be hit in 2 years.

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