Tuesday, November 16, 2004


India - The land of festivals...and holidays Diwali, Dhanteras, Vishwakarma Day, Bhai Dooj, Childrens' Day, Eid. Good fun lazing around.

Diwali was ok, but the real diwali is just round the corner. Pardon the pun, but the sensex seems set to go the 6.5 K mark in the next 2 months, what with oil now under $47/barel. Even the Indian Petroleum ministry has reduced petrol prices by more than Re 1!!! The Sensex has touched the magical 6K mark twice in the last 5 days and barring some sell-offs ( triggers set by many at upwards of 6K mark). we should see the 6.5 K levels within the next 2 months.

Talking about the Report card, well, I myself am amazed at the results. Here are the results(From 30th October2004 to 16th November2004 - around a fortnight):
Name___________Price 16th Nov______Price 30th October
1. Goldstone Tech___________ 24.60_____________ 25.75

2. Hind Oil Exploration____ 91.80_____________ 93

3. Aventis________________ 1125.00_____________ 956
(went upto 1151)
4. Radico__________________ 216.30_____________ 209
(went upto 228)
5. Vijay Solvex____________ 17.40_____________

6. Vijay Textiles__________ 184.00_____________ 150.60
(went upto 192)
7. Modern Steel____________ 72.30_____________ 58.40

8. Fairyland Am____________ 76.40_____________ 65.35

9. Videocon Leasing________ 180.90_____________ 145.75

10. Bilcare________________ 392.60_____________ 389.90
(went upto 414)
11.Swan Mills______________ 478.10_____________ 451.15
(went upto 518)
12. INTERLNK FIN___________ 118.50_____________ 111.50
(went upto 131.25)
13.Nile Ltd________________ 89.55_____________ 66.65
(went upto 101.75)

Some new tips later in the evening...


Kunal said...

What happened mate... seems like you lost your touch ;-)

Venkat said...

Some kind of a dude you are...

I am really amazed. Oh man! look at all the articles you have posted. Classic hard drives and all! That's some AAA sh*t man!
Your Palm Zire 72S is ready for Take Off Sir! Wait one more week and you are good!