Saturday, October 30, 2004


With Diwali just round the corner I am in no mood for anything at all. Days are getting shorter here and winter seems to be setting in. I dont know what I'm gonna do for the long diwali weekend, but i guess all I'll do will be sleep.

On the markets front, they appear range bound with an upward bias till diwali. I hope Oil prices come down to $40-45 levels soon else the markets'll crash.
Lets have some report card analysis of what I sugegsted in the last post:
Name Price on 21st Oct Today's price
Sarla Polyester 43.25 went upto 50, closed at 42.40
Steel Strip Wheel 100.40 closed at 128
National Mineral 529 went upto 576, closed at 532
Valecha Engg 113 went upto 121, closed at 111.20
Seagul Leaf - loss of Rs 3
Not bad, eh?

Now, for some new scrips to follow:

1. Goldstone Tech
2. Hind Oil Exploration
3. Aventis
4. Radico
5. Vijay Solvex
5. Vijay Textiles
6. Modern Steel
7. Fairyland Am
8. Videocon Leasing
9. Bilcare
10.Swan Mills
12.Nile Ltd

Till then, Book profits...

On the sports front, it has been a catostrophy for Indian Cricket. The Final Frontier has been left to tatters by the Australians giving Indians their first series defeat in over three decades. Shame on them...

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