Thursday, October 21, 2004

New picks

Hi all. its been a very busy fortnight, a result of which couldnt post here. Now that I am relatively free, here are a few more fresh tips:

sarla polyester (is up 9.95% today itself)
valecha engg. (way to go...)
STEEL STRIP WHEEL ( will go north from here)
SEAGULL LEAF ( good returns at low prices)

The rest is usual... Delhi weather is now experiencing some nip in the evenings, and work is fine.

I think the authorities are trying to bluff us into the Veerappan Killing, i still feel he's alive.

On the dismal cricket scene, I fail to find a reason why parthiv and yuvraj are persevered with. no doubt, we'll lose the series 3-0.

And yes, I dont know who is this Deshpande dude?? and I have no idea who has been replying with my name. Kunal Deshpande??!!?!?

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