Tuesday, October 05, 2004

If you look down from one of the high rises in Conn Place, you will see a lot of trees... makes sense in a concrete jungle like this one. rows of greenery interspersed with concrete blocks, thats what it looks like. I hope its stays the way it is.

Sesa finaly closed at just under 740!!!! The sensex down 7 points. Happy diwali in the making... :)

Got to finish Da Vinci Code tonight. cant put it down. Saw a copy of "1984" at a friend's house yest. Have got to read that one as well... remember Aravind telling me its a fine piece. Saala, he must be enjoying the stiff upper lip in London right now (no puns intended).

Have a cricket match to play tomorrow. contrary to what most people like about this sport, I prefer fielding to batting or bowling. gives me a sense of accomplishment. and soiled pants. must make runs this time, must...

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