Saturday, July 30, 2005

Loooong time...

Yeah, its been a long long time since I last blogged. Felt like it, so here goes. Just came back, caught a flick - Saher. Not bad, the film. Although I could not help bash the director for not being extra vigilant about minute observers like me. You see, the movie was supposedly set in 1996. How on earth did we have CNG buses in Delhi at that time or INDICA V2 for that matter?!??!? And would the director explain the new bisleri bottle, Skoda Octavia and numerous other things in the film in 1996-98? Am told that it was a low budget film, but c'mon Kunal, if it had to be that way, what was stopping the director to base the movie in 2004 for godsake?!

Just made me remember I saw a white car zooming past the backdrop in LOTR when Gandolf comes visiting the village on his chariot and Frodo pops on to it. Do u guys recall it?

Anyway, what I've been upto, is that I've been upto nothing of great consequence. Am tired of the same ol job after just one year here. And I have started to feel the void left by Venkat in just one day that he's been gone. Good for you buddy, make the most of it while I make amends with my solitude. And dont you forget to get me my Palm Zire 72 SE.

Regarding the stocks, well, due to paucity of time and energy, I have not been able to post the reportcard but mind you the returns on my tips have been phenomenal!!! The markets are just a tad under 7700 and its great. Just hope the party continues and we make money. Shall surely come back with more TIPS later. Meanwhile, ITR has to be filed tomorrow at godforsaken Pragati Maidan. Its gonna be my first ITR, lets see if the babus there have me running around or not.


01:17 a.m., Saturday, 30th July 2005


Anonymous said...

Whos acted in the movie? I dont think there was aby car in LOTR.

maYank said...

The main actors are the script, Arshad Warsi, Pankaj Kapoor, Sushant Singh.
Regarding the second doubt,refer :

"In the scene where Sam and Frodo are in the field with the scarecrow, you can plainly see a car cruising past in the distance, from right to left. Further comment - there are two different shots which show the car moving from right to left. One starts at the top right distance, and in a shot a few seconds later the car has traveled down the road a bit and is more easily visible. Complicating matters is that the dust thrown up by the car looks similar to smoke from a chimney in the right distance, making some people think it is just the chimney. But chimneys don't move, and the smoke from the chimney is separate from the moving vehicle. [It is deleted on the DVD, but you can still see an obvious bit of image fakery on the hill just left of the smoking chimney. One can see the hill, tree, and surrounding area move up and down and shimmer slightly where someone has done a cut and paste to cover up the auto. The "car inclusive" scene appears on the National Geographic documentary Beyond the Movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Also, watch the music documentary on the extended dvd - when it shows this scene the car is still in it. Bizarrely, in his commentary Peter Jackson said he never saw a car and doesn't know what people are talking about, but the production/post-production team say in their commentary that despite not thinking anyone would be able to see it, they took it out anyway.]"

By the way, try leaving your name when you post a comment, it helps me know whos watching!!!