Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Venky says "kuchh update kar bhai" so be it.

As far as updates are concerned, I'm back in the quagmire of business / dhanda / paisa - whatever you wanna call it. The only problem is that this dhanda isn't happening only!!

Call it my misfortune or whatever, but the word TARGETS has alwayas had a tendency to bully me! Not that I get cowed down by them; just that I never fully measure upto them (the targets, that is).

Had my birthday last week; got my share of birthday wishes - on the phone, e-mails, on orkut etc. Come to think of it; it really is no big deal, right? Once a year you celebrate to mark the day you were born; thats it!

And I hate working now; not that I don't like my work (these are 2 different things); just that I don't wanna work at all. I do enjoy my work and I respect my profession. I don't know what I'm saying; but maybe this is not my true calling! All my creative juices and vellapanti have dried (a certain applewala will surely vouch for that)

Have been watching some movies lately. Just finished 12 Angry Men with excellent performances from an all male cast! Some of the others I have recently seen and enjoyed:

Fight Club The hindi version is such a dud, man!
American Beauty (watched again ; the first time was in CBS days... sigh!)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind one of the few romantic movies I loved! And Jim Carrey is a very under rated actor

So much for an update, right?

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