Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Toota Sanganak

Thats devnagari for a broken computer. Its been more than 3 long days since I used my PC - its broken. Lots of things which seem wrong with it. All I hope is the data remain intact. You know, with all those endless searches on the world wide web trying to fill up my 80 GB SATA, I won't wanna lose out on any of that.

Pakistan is going to fight it out with the Windies tonight (at least here in India) for the opening match of the 2007 World Cup. The timing couldn't have been better - matches start around 7 p.m.!!!! I guess a DTH service on a new LCD / Plasma TV would well be worth it, wotsay? Aaah, if only chlorophyll had monetary value!

Have you ever had this feeling when you are blogging and dont knwo what to write? I have this now. So..... what should we write here....... ummmm..... how do I fill up this window with characters..... erm.... well, yea... cigarettes prices have increased in Indi after the Budget. The once Rs 2/stick Wills Navy Cut is now Rs 3!! Benson Hedges Lights is still an afordable Rs 4/stick.

Have I lost it yet? What else...hmmmm.... ,..


Venkat said...

My My My!! You are on a roll! That's like way too many posts in just a few days!

Ya, I know that feeling..when you don't know what to write..but I don't get that feeling anymore..I just write whatever I feel like..don't really care about quantity..not that I care about quality, though!!..I write whatever I feel like,and post...end of story.

Sad to know that cigarette prices have gone up..but I think Navy Cut (notice the capital N & C - respect ;)) was already 3 bucks last July...but that thing gave me a really tough time..can't forget.

Anonymous said...

...ever had the feeling you want to invest but don't know where....