Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Death of a Salesman

They say I am not cut out for sales. That I do not have that fire (whatever that means). They say I work for my clients, I make investment decision solely keeping their needs in mind, which does not necessarily take the organisational needs in mind.

I say, so be it. I do not take that as criticism. Thats more like a compliment; at least I dont sleep every night with curses from clients ravaging my peace; with the thoughts of how clients' hard earned money is being put to waste.

I aint no salesman if this is what salesmen are supposed to do. And I'm sure I wont last long like this. Which brings me to the question again - What am I supposed to do?!?!?!?


Stephen said...

You need to sell a service that is truly worthwhile and sells itself. By worthwhile I mean something that is going to be of value and not something like picking bad stocks for people and then not sleeping at night. I work for a debt settlement law firm as a debt analyst. It does involve selling the program, but a major part of my job is to speak with the potential client to make sure that we can really help that person out in their situation. If you really do have a valueable service and honestly want to help the people with it. Then selling is a complete piece of cake. If you have to lie to make a sale and con someone then you are not really a salesman but more so a conman. Anyway I hope that helps you out good luck

maYank said...

Those are exactly my thoughts, Stephen. I am a wealth manager and sometimes, investment products that dole out better brokerage(revenue) for the Bank(which markest & sells a zillion products) makes more sense for the banks to sell more. These products aren't necessarily the best in the market but are sold to enhance bottomlines. I say NO to that and base my advisoy on stuff that genuinely helps my clients. So I don't / can't con my clients just so that I meet my targets. And thats what labels me a bad sales person!

You make absolute sense, and I'm glad you left your comment here.