Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Movies - 1950s & 60s

There can be two reasons why my earlier post on my movies collection didn't attract enough hits and/ or comments:

1. Not many of you who read/ happened to pass by this blog are into old movies
2. Some of you haven't seen these movies before.
3. Lets add another one - Nobody gives a damn!

So be it. As I promised, here is the list of movies I have from the 50s and 60s.

Now, for my favourites:

Rear Window - Absolutely delicious Hitchcock fare.
On the Waterfront - Marlon Brando all the way.
The Killing - A fantastic no linear coupe movie.
12 Angry Men - By far one of the best male performances ever from just about everybody in the cast. Brilliant.
Vertigo - Again, one of Hitchcock's best according to me.
To Kill a Mockingbird - Having read the book, I was elated with the way the film was made. Very, Very good.
Dr. Strangelove - I never knew Kubrick could be so into black comedies. Fantastic fare with Peter Sellers.

Well, so much for my catalogue. I will come back again with the 1970s later. Meanwhile, I'll go watch 12 Angry Men again...


Divkiran said...

Hey I have seen vertigo
I like it too

and well, i don rember if i have seen the rest...eehihihih

maYank said...

You should definitely give a chance to other Hitchcock flicks then.

Divkiran said...

u in delhi rite
can i borrow some straight outta ur collection...LOL

maYank said...

Sure thing!