Thursday, August 04, 2005

Apple IPOD shuffle 1GB with Fm & Voice Recorder for under 6K

Couldnt beleive it, right?? Just found an IPOD clone on the web. They call it the Super Tangent Player! Blatanly, a taiwanese company by the name of Luxpro has ripped the design of the IPOD shuffle, thrown in some more features and launched it as Super Tangent Mp3 player!

Check out the features:

MP3/WMA-DRM + FM Tuner + Voice Recorder

  • Supports MP3/ WMA/ WAV (ADPCM) playback
  • Supports WMA-DRM playback
  • Worlds first voice guiding digital portable player
  • 24-bit advanced digital signal processor
  • Normal and Super Bass sound pattern selection
  • Full band FM radio
  • High quality digital recording from built in microphone
  • USB flash disk
  • 5-direction navigation button
  • High-class, colourful and enhanced plastic meterial
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 12 hours of continuouse playback
  • 2 hours quick charging to 80% battery capacity
  • Replaceable rechargeable battery design
  • USB2.0 high speed
  • Automatic key-lock function
  • Firmware upgradeable

Though blatant knock-offs of branded electronic products are not uncommon, the thought of one actually making its way to the CeBIT show at Hanover this year was brave if foolhardy. The Luxpro Super Tangent (formerly the Super Shuffle) is an interesting MP3 player immortalized less for its feature set, more for its attempt to go one up on the iPod shuffle!!

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