Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Its not as if the Indian team has a habit of losing finals. Actually, it has a habit of undeservingly entering finals and making complete fools of themselves. Shoddy, is what I'd call the performance, Styoo-pid is what Yuvraj did, and Harakiri is what describes the middle order's performance.

As for the coach, it really doesnt matter if John Wright would have won or if its Chappell's loss. The fact is, the Indian team loses and wins by itself. Nobody, just nobody can credit or discredit anyone with this team's performance (mostly the lack of it) but the team itself.

Its come to a point that now I watch just the firt 15 overs for Sehwag's tukkas / lappeys / slogs and if by the end of the match, India wins, its like, who cares!!!

Shame on you, Team India (or whatever its supposed to be called).

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