Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fastest PC in the world!!??

Thanks Shankar for the mail. I guess this is insane. Check it out for yourself:

4.2GHz* Accelerated Hyper-Threading Intel® Pentium 4 Extreme Edition CPU w/ 2MB L3 Cache
512K L2 Cache
2MB L3 Cache
950MHz** System Bus

PCI-Express Architecture
No System Hard Drive Configurable
Up to 100 times faster than ATA/SCSI/FC
HD based designs with Data Burst Speeds up to 8GB/s and I/O data requests at over 150.000 I/O sec.
Enhanced CacheFlow
SuperBIOS™ IBPT Technology
Industrial WaterCooling Architecture
667MHz DDR-II Dual-Channel RAM up to 4GB
Up to 16GB Total RAM with optional RamDrives.
Near 10Gb/s Memory Bandwidth
Serial ATA-150 Connectivity
UltraSCSI-320 & FiberChannel Expansion
Up to 4 Terabytes of Colossal Storage Capacity
Intel Performance Acceleration Technology
PCI-Express X16 Grapfics Technology.
Ultra High-speed 16x DVD+/-RW Optical Drive
Front Panel Multi-information LCD Status
Display, External removable HD Storage racks with LCD Monitoring or Multi-Optical Drives
interchangeable bays
FireWire 400 & 800 Ports
Full-Duplex USB2 480MB/s Ports
Multi-Channel Digital AI Audio with Artificial Intelligence Audio-Sensing Technology & S/PDIF Digital interface
Gigabit LAN with AI Net (Artificial Intelligence Net-Diagnosing)
Optional Wireless LAN 802.11g Turbo (108 Mbps) with 10x the speed and 4x the range of 802.11b featuring Dynamic Rate Shifting Technology.
Provides the highest available level of industry standard 128-bit WEP encryption supporting VPN pass-through.
Internal Bluetooth
Optional TV Tuner
Optional Fax/Modem
650W VF-Speed Power Supply
AI Ultra-low noise Q-Fan technology
Artificial Intelligence Auto-Recovery BIOS
European high-end critical components qualityworksmanship.
Absolutely stunning design

Anyway, I dont think it has any use for me. Me happy with my AMD 2800, thanx Kunal...

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