Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No friggin title. Why the hell is every friggin post supposed to have a friggin title?!?!

Am so goddamn furious now I couldn't help it. I have nothing else to do but write aimlessly. I do admit that I am looking out for those silly grammatical errors and typos, but on the whole this is gonna be one helluva outburst.

This is my bloody blog and I write whatever I want to, right? Who the hell do you think you are saying right (or wrong)? I was asking myself. Right then. When the going gets tough, the tough...bull crap. Even if I'm not tough, I will get going (pun intended again). As I mentioned in the earlier post, the juices have all dried up. There is really no fun nowadays. I am not that shallow or weak, mind you, but I have my defenses, and I am entitled to whine once in a while. Why the hell do I have to portray calm always? I do whatever I want to and that applies to everything. What was that word.... Calling, yeah. What the hell is my true calling? Am I supposed to do this forever? Is there something else I am somehow missing out? Where is my square hole? When will I fit in? These are not your average distress questions one asks dear lord. People who know me know I'm an atheist, an agnostic, take your pick. Why don't we get sunshine in winters and cool winds in summers? Why didn't I have the money when I needed and why don't I have the time now when I need it so goddamn much? Why am I always left wanting? Am I demanding? So be it, I AM demanding. I want my time, I want my way, I want my sunshine and I want a goddamn break.


Venkat said...

Ha ha..relax bro..!!! :)

Man, this is like Deja-Vu..this is exactly how I felt some time back..

go kick a dog or punch someone in the will make you feel better..nah!...kidding!!

maYank said...

You didn't tell me you were down in pits like this!!! Too bad.

Venkat said...

nah! you know one of those days when your mind becomes destructive for some unknown!